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Microsoft®Skype for Business™ mobile clients addresses  changing market conditions by offering the convenience of working on-premises or in the cloud, while keeping you connected  on a single integrated platform.


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A company’s ability to effectively communicate and collaborate, both internally and externally is more important now than ever. We are not ones to simply install Skype for Business, we are your partner in the process. We analyze your business and implement the best solution for your company.


WHAT IS Skype for Business?

Microsoft Skype for Business is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. Skype for Business connects people everywhere, on Windows 8 and other operating systems including mobile devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience.



Not all companies move at the same speed and that it’s rare to rip out every legacy PBX at the same time, but the case studies and the market data show that companies are moving to Skype for Business as their communications solution, including voice.


Companies Utilizing Skype for Business

A global engineering consultancy with offices on seven continents, WSP relies heavily on telephony to collaborate internally and connect with its customers. But the company’s aging, ISDN-based telephony solution was no longer meeting their needs. As well as lacking the collaboration features WSP were looking for, its IDSN-based set-up meant paying for the cost of a call every time staff in different offices needed to talk to one another. As Associate Director – IT, Dave Corbet, puts it: “It was great news for our telco. Not so great for us.”



To facilitate collaboration among teams and stakeholders, Shell wanted to provide a simplified environment where people would have a single user interface for voice, video, instant messaging (IM), and all other real-time communication requirements. The solution had to support collaboration with a growing number of energy industry partners, consultancies, and individual experts. This need was especially important because the quest for oil and gas steers upstream activities and exploration to increasingly remote locations where the company must call on local expertise and other specialists.


Aston Martin

In addition to passionate, skilled employees, technology plays a key role at Aston Martin as the company continues to push the boundaries of automotive performance, while delivering cutting-edge design and comfort. The company relies on the latest computer-aided design and communications technologies to enable close collaboration with suppliers.


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Skype Technology Group is a Biz Technology Solutions company, providing full-service Skype for Business solutions for mid to large organizations throughout the U.S. We offer business-critical services around Skype for Business including consulting, deployment and support of Skype for Business. Our system analysts and engineers bring extensive experience to the rapidly advancing areas of Unified Communications design, development and support. Our Skype for Business consulting, implementation and monitoring divisions work hand in hand to deliver Complete Turnkey Solutions. We serve a number of industries including but not limited to; Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Government, and Construction.

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– Andy Bertha, IT Manager, Carolina Beverage Group

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